Waste Collection Industry Trends Post Pandemic

Overall revenue for the refuse and waste collection services industry is expected to increase at least 1.3% during 2021, due to increased demand from industrial, construction and commercial clients amidst a reopening economy.

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Increased Growth and Eco-Friendly Technologies

The outlook for the waste hauler industry is good with strong economic growth related to increased spending and eco-friendly technologies.

U.S. Industry Trends in Waste Collection: Increased Spending = Increase Waste

According to an industry report by IBISWorld.com, the waste collection services industry has grown for the last 5 years from 2016 to 2021. Industry revenue is directly related to the amount of waste produced, which prior to 2020 rose steadily in the industrial and construction sectors. Residential waste remained stable up to the pandemic when it rose due to more people being home, and business activity was disrupted leading to lower waste volumes. This trend is now reversing as the economy reopens and recovers from the pandemic related downturns in business.

Outlook for the Refuse Industry 2021 to 2026

The refuse industry is expected to see growth over the next five years as businesses and the economy overall recover from the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The industry is expected to implement more environmentally friendly practices expanding with renewable energy and recycling activities. Solid waste volume generated in the U.S. is expected to grow with population growth and business activities from 2021 to 2026. Increased growth will result in an increased demand for refuse and waste collection services.

Waste Haulers Prepare for Increased Demand and Eco-Friendly Practices

Commercial waste haulers have similar goals and challenges whether they service large industrial parks or small town businesses. Waste collection services prioritize efficiency, safety, and protecting the environment all within the same mission to keep towns and businesses clean. One way that the waste collection industry can prepare for increased growth and more eco-friendly practices is by protecting their compactors with a fool-proof breakaway safety system.

Compactor Break Away Safety System: C-BASS

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A compactor break away safety system such as Stucchi’s C-BASS is a reliable solution to prevent compactor damage during accidental drive-off errors, eliminating the possibility of spilled hydraulic fluid on customer docks. Waste hauler drivers are all too familiar with the catastrophe that occurs when hydraulic couplings are left attached prior to driving off with a self-contained compactor.

This is a common error that occurs much more frequently than CEOs at waste hauler companies realize. Watch this quick video to see a demonstration of how this occurs, review actual case studies and learn more with a detailed FREE GUIDE that explains how this patented solution improves efficiency, productivity and safety for waste collection companies.

Drivers are responsible for remembering to disconnect the hydraulic hoses from self-contained compactors every time, before driving away. Daily distractions, cell phones, rushed schedules and long hours can play a role in a driver simply forgetting to make this critical disconnection. When this occurs the potential for catastrophic results is great, including life-threatening injuries when hydraulic power units are now a projectile being dragged behind a truck with hydraulic fluid spilling all over the premises.

You can prevent this from happening at all with the C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System, paying for itself by preventing just one occurrence.

Stucchi is an industry leader in providing hydraulic solutions, with more than 60 years of experience in customizing hydraulic connection products and solutions to meet the needs of various industry sectors. When our waste hauler customers needed a solution to prevent catastrophe, we responded with the patented C-BASS solution. Contact us to learn how to protect your drivers, your reputation, your equipment and the environment with the C-BASS solution for self-contained compactors.