C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System

NOTE: You can rewind the video to the start to see the standard self-contained compactor configuration issues compared to the C-BASS. Visit our Resources Page and Features Page for more information.

Do you service or use self-contained trash compactorsC-BASS mitigates risk when servicing self-contained compactors by preventing catastrophic damage from accidental drive-off errors. The C-BASS system protects the waste hauler companies and the businesses they serve.
C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System:

  • Ensures Safety by preventing potential life-threatening injuries
  • Improves Efficiency by protecting hydraulic and electrical equipment
  • Eliminates Environmental Issues from hydraulic oil spills
  • Increases Productivity by preventing downtime due to expensive repairs
  • Facilitates Total Customer Satisfaction with strong customer relationships

Self-Contained Trash Compactor Servicers and Users

If your business has or works with self contained compactors, the C-BASS Break Away Safety System is for you.

Waste Haulers

Protect the hydraulic equipment when drivers forget to disconnect the lines with the C-BASS solution:
  • Prevent potential life-threatening injuries
  • Prevent costly repairs to hoses, couplers and electrical sources
  • Facilitate the development of strong customer relationships
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Compactor Repair Companies

Mitigate risk with preventive maintenance solutions that:
  • Improve business relationships
  • Prevent serious damage to compactor
  • Prevent costly damage to auxiliary equipment
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Retail – Commercial – Industrial

Protect your business by protecting your self-contained compactor with the C-BASS solution:
  • Prevent serious life-threatening injuries from projectiles
  • Eliminate downtime associated with drive-off errors
  • Prevent exposure to hydraulic fluid, live wires, and projectiles
Read the Solution "Retail – Commercial – Industrial"