C-BASS for Compactor Repair Companies

CBASS Installed Distracted 1

Compactor repair companies are expected to provide a quick response to customer needs, installing or servicing self-contained compactors without jeopardizing business operations. There are several reasons why a compactor may require repairs, one of the most prominent causes of damage is due to driver error from the waste hauler.  

Compactor Preventive Maintenance

When a driver connects the waste container to their truck, and forgets to disconnect the hydraulic couplings, serious damage may occur.  Compactor repair companies may be called to repair the compactor, the hydraulic hoses, hydraulic power unit and electrical circuits. 

Stucchi offers a solution to compactor repair companies that adds value to their customers, improves business relationships and prevents serious damage to compactors and auxiliary equipment. 

Stucchi’s C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System

Stucchi works with compactor repair companies to deliver a foolproof solution against serious damage due to drive-off error. Our C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System was designed specifically for self-contained compactors to prevent damage due to accidental disconnection.  

The patented product design includes hydraulic couplings mounted in a gyroscope base to swivel and pull apart without any fluid leaks or damage to equipment when pulled unexpectedly from any direction.

Stucchi provides an innovative product for compactor repair companies that delivers reliable protection against serious damage.  The C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System adds value to compactor repair companies and their customers to mitigate risk of damaged equipment, downtime and environmental contamination.  Contact us to learn how you can add value to your customers with foolproof preventive maintenance against compactor damage and costly repairs.