C-BASS Break Away Safety System

The C-BASS Break Away Safety System by Stucchi is designed to prevent equipment damage and mitigate risks to public safety when compactor hydraulic hoses are pulled apart unexpectedly. C-BASS is built to perform where a dripless connection is required, and break away capability is needed. Stucchi has combined technologies to address challenges related to operator error of not disconnecting hoses when hauling self-contained compactors.

  • Prevent potential life-threatening injuries
  • Protect against environmental contamination from hydraulic oil spills
  • Decrease costly damage to onsite equipment

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Diagram to show location of item numbers from table
  1. Dual Axis Swivel Bracket w/ female couplers
  2. Mating Male Couplers
  3. Optional 30″ Mounting Post


  • Dual Axis Swivel Bracket Allows for Breakaway at any Angle
  • Flat Face Design Eliminates Leakage at Breakaway
  • Flat Face Design Eliminates Contamination From Entering Circuit Upon Connection
  • Port Size: ½’’
  • Port Type: NPT

The C-BASS system comes in a kit form consisting of an assembly with female couplers and adapters along with the mating male nipples (available in 2 sizes). An optional mounting post can also be included.

    • Breakaway Bracket Assembly with Female Couplers
    • Mating Male Couplers
    • 90 Degree Adapters for Female Couplers
    • Breakaway Bracket Assembly with Female Couplers
    • Mating Male Couplers
    • 90 Degree Adapters for Female Couplers
    • 30” High Mounting Post *
    • 30” High Mounting Post *

* In the event that the C-BASS unit is not mounted directly on the compactor or an adjacent fixed structure, mounting post is recommended. Post is available separately for large fleet orders. Contact us for more information.

Mounting Options

  • Four 3/8” clearance holes are provided on the base bracket to mount with screws or bolts. If preferred, the base bracket can be welded to a separate structural support.
    mounting hole diagram
  • Assembly may be mounted in either a “horizontal” or “vertical” position.
    horizontal or vertical alignment
  • Install the C-BASS assembly with the couplings in line with the direction the hoses will pull in a breakaway scenario. The double swivel design will pivot as the direction of pull changes, which ensures the breakaway force is minimized and damage to the compactor, hoses and power unit is prevented. Contact your Stucchi representative for site specific mounting and plumbing recommendations.
  • The C-BASS assembly can be mounted on the power unit side, or on the compactor side. Use of a pedestal or existing structural frame can be used to better position the C-BASS assembly in line of the breakaway direction.

Hose Routing Considerations

Route hoses so that the weight of the hose is not supported by the coupler junction. This can be accomplished with the use of hose hangers, hose clamps, or other fixtures to limit hose whip movement, and bare the weight of the hoses.

Unintended coupler disconnection can occur if the weight of the male hose is equal to or exceeds the designed disconnection mechanism. Consult Stucchi for installation questions.

  • Route hoses so that if a breakaway occurs, the hoses will not bend, twist, or kink. Breakaway will occur before the hoses are damaged from stretching.
  • Route hoses away from foot traffic, as unwanted breakaway can occur if someone trips on the hoses.
  • If there is a possibility of pressure spikes or surge flow present in the hoses, we recommend adding a 90-degree adapter to the back of the female coupler. This is suggested to prevent unwanted breakaway from hydraulic force acting on the internal valve of the coupler set.