About Us

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Stucchi has been a worldwide industry leader in providing hydraulic solutions for over 60 years.  We take pride in setting the industry standard for ISO16028, flat-face, leak-free hydraulic quick couplers and delivering first-to-market solutions to a wide range of industries.  

Stucchi does much more than engineer and manufacture hydraulic quick couplers, we provide technical support and products that improve your specific applications as well as overall business operations.  Our hydraulic specialists focus on solutions that provide both product and process improvements.  

Hydraulic Solutions for the Refuse Industry

Stucchi developed the C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System as a direct result of inquiries from refuse industry professionals needing a solution.  Stucchi’s experienced hydraulic specialists jumped into action, developing a new and innovative product designed to prevent damage when servicing self-contained compactors. 

Waste hauler drivers are only human, and when a drive-off error occurs it can be extremely costly and dangerous. The Stucchi C-BASS solution prevents hydraulic fluid leaks, damage to the compactor or hydraulic power unit, unintended compactor downtime and environmental contamination.  C-BASS also prevents injuries to nearby workers and pedestrians. Mitigating these risks improves safety, efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

C-BASS is proven to prevent damage due to drive-off error, protecting waste haulers, compactor repair companies and end-users from serious and costly damage. Contact Stucchi to learn more about how the C-BASS solution can protect your business.