Protect Your Compactor: Protect Your Business

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Managing waste is an important part of all business operations in any industry, whether running a restaurant, retail store, industrial plaza, hospital or school.  Maintaining a clean environment for all your guests, employees and the public is critical to maintaining a safe environment.  

Disposing of waste in an efficient and economical manner supports businesses of all types, which is why many companies use a self-contained compactor. Self-contained compactors help businesses to dispose of waste efficiently and economically, whether they own or lease the compactor.  

Companies must rely on their waste disposal company to remove full containers of compacted trash when scheduled and with quick response to their needs. Waste disposal companies rely on their drivers to remove compacted trash containers with safe operations, although human error can occur which can jeopardize your business. 

Driver Error Causes Costly Damage and Safety Risks

We are all human after all, and busy drivers with multiple stops may become distracted and simply forget to disconnect the hydraulic quick couplings when hauling away full self-contained compactor containers. This happens more often than most companies are aware, but when it happens on your dock it can be catastrophic. 

Forgetting this one task of disconnecting the hydraulic hoses can cause costly damage and create serious safety risks.  Companies have experienced:

  • Damage to their compactor, hydraulic hoses, couplings, hydraulic power unit and electrical circuits.
  • Hydraulic fluid spills causing environmental contamination requiring costly clean-up and staining concrete.
  • Electrical damage leaves potential live wires in harm’s way of employees and the public.
  • Power outages that shut down business operations and compactor downtime with no ability to compact your trash.
  • Serious safety risks to the public when the hydraulic power unit (HPU) is being dragged through a parking lot, like a mini-fridge projectile.  This has happened more times than you realize.

Whether you own or lease your compactor, any of these scenarios put your company at risk.  Stucchi offers a solution to safeguard against all of these damages with an innovative product solution designed specifically to protect self-contained compactors. 

Stucchi C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System

Stucchi’s C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System protects your self-contained compactor from damage, protecting your waste disposal service and your overall business operations. 

Stucchi excels in delivering innovative product solutions that improve overall business operations.  Our C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System protects against costly damage, environmental contamination, and safety issues.  Contact us to learn how to safeguard your business with risk mitigation against costly compactor repairs and business interruptions.