C-BASS for Waste Haulers

Waste Hauler Truck 1

Commercial waste disposal and recycling companies share similar goals, whether servicing small towns or national chains. All waste service companies prioritize:

  • Keeping businesses and towns clean
  • Operating efficiently
  • Practicing safety in all job operations 
  • Preserving the planet 

Challenges Facing Waste Haulers

Self-contained compactors provide a waste solution to countless businesses from food establishments to manufacturers, malls, hospitals, and schools. One of the biggest challenges facing waste haulers is servicing self-contained compactors with safe and efficient operations.  

When drivers haul waste from a self-contained compactor, they must first connect the waste container to their truck and disconnect the hydraulic couplings powering the compactor.  This is where most problems occur, when a driver forgets to disconnect the hydraulic couplings, and drives off with the hydraulic circuit still connected.

Driver Error Causes Safety Risks and Costly Repairs 

This drive-off error causes serious damage to the compactor, the hydraulic hoses and couplings, the hydraulic power unit and any connected electrical circuits.  This occurs more often than most decision makers are aware, on average 13 times per year for every 100 compactors in a fleet.  Repairs are often buried in line item budgets and not attributed to the root cause.  

Repairs for one incident can be anywhere from $500 to $5,000 and cause serious safety risks with exposure to hydraulic fluid, potentially live electrical wires, and environmental contamination requiring costly clean-up efforts. Pollution and downtime at a customer site jeopardizes good business relationships. 

Stucchi C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System

Stucchi offers a patented solution to help waste service companies protect your business, your customers, and the environment.  The C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System was designed specifically for self-contained refuse compactors with hydraulic couplers mounted in a dual axis base, designed to swivel and disconnect without damage when pulled unexpectedly at any angle. 

When a driver forgets to disconnect the hydraulic couplings, the C-BASS system will break away with a clean, leak-free disconnection that does not damage any equipment, providing risk mitigation against all potential damages. Just one incident gives immediate ROI and protects important business relationships. 

Stucchi partners with waste service companies to help you perform cost / benefit analysis to determine true ROI.  Our C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System provides risk mitigation against costly damages and safety issues.   Contact us to learn how this innovative solution adds value to your operations while improving customer retention and total customer satisfaction.