What Businesses Should Use Self-Contained Commercial Compactors?

Many types of businesses realize the benefits of using a self-contained commercial compactor for their waste disposal process. Self-contained compactors offer various features that make them highly effective at reducing waste and require minimal maintenance when serviced properly. Companies can improve their waste disposal services and the appearance of their business for consumer appeal when utilizing commercial compactors.

What Is a Self-Contained Commercial Compactor?

Commercial Compactors

A self-contained commercial compactor is a waste disposal container that is fully sealed to provide sanitary waste disposal of wet waste in addition to effectively compacting other trash materials such as corrugated boxes. This type of commercial compactor is driven by hydraulics to crush large waste items and ensure no leakage of wet waste materials. Self-contained compactors are fully integrated units that compact waste and store it in a receptacle until a waste hauler picks up the unit to dump at that landfill and return.

These commercial compactors typically feature casters to allow for easy mobility from one location to another. Even with heavy construction to withstand the high pressure of hydraulically driven compacting, they come in various sizes to provide an optimal footprint for efficient waste disposal. Commercial compactors are the ideal solution to improve waste disposal in many types of businesses.

Many Types of Businesses Benefit from Self-Contained Commercial Compactors

Due to the many advantages of self-contained compactors, a wide variety of industries and businesses realize many benefits of efficient and sanitary waste disposal. Some of the most common types of companies that stand to benefit the most when utilizing a self-contained compactor include:

  • Restaurants
  • Food service companies
  • Grocery stores
  • Strip mall stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail businesses
  • Manufacturers
  • Industrial companies
  • Hotels and motels
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Movie theaters
  • Construction

The Many Advantages of Contained Commercial Compactors

Retail establishments that utilize self-contained compactors can save money with fewer pickups by heavily compacting cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic material. Manufacturers can effectively crash wood, scrap metal, and other materials. In restaurants and food service settings, fully contained commercial compactors compress food waste without leakage or environmental contamination and eliminate odor from trash disposal.

Construction companies appreciate the efficiency of self-contained compactors to compress and recycle debris from construction materials. Self-contained compactors improve these business operations and many others, providing an essential tool to improve waste disposal and recycling methods.

Self-contained compactors are built to provide reliable waste disposal with durable equipment that allows for less waste pickup services and many years of maintenance-free service. Companies can enjoy all of these benefits when protecting their compactor against damage to the hydraulic system.

Protect the Hydraulics and Self-Contained Compactors

Hydraulic power allows for pressurized compaction of various trash and waste materials. When waste haulers pick up commercial compactors and remove them to the dump, drivers must always disconnect the hydraulic hoses before driving off. It often happens that this one critical task can be overlooked and extensive damage can result.

If the driver forgets to disconnect hydraulic hoses, the entire hydraulic power unit can be dragged off the dock and damaged and hydraulic fluid may spill all over the dock area. This type of error can also cause electrical damage, fires,  and even full power outages for companies. Businesses can prevent this from happening by protecting their compactor with Stucchi’s compactor breakaway safety system, or C-BASS

Designed specifically for self-contained compactors, C-BASS allows for safe disconnection when inadvertently pulled away without properly disconnecting the hoses first. This prevents extensive damage to exterior equipment, business loading docks, company property and the compactor itself. Stucchi designed, engineered and developed C-BASS to answer a need occurring in the waste refuge industry.

C-BASS is proven in many types of business establishments, saving companies against repairs, maintenance, and a tarnished business image. You can learn more about C-BASS with a quick video and free guide to how this protective break away system can protect your business. Contact Stucchi to learn more and to protect your self-contained commercial compactor today.