Protect Your Compactor with Dual Breakaway System

CBASS Installed Truck Leaving 2

Commercial refuse handling companies have a big job at hand, to keep their businesses free from overflowing trash, maintaining a clean and safe environment.  Everything from hauling compacted trash from big-box stores to safely disposing of hazardous waste, waste service companies need safe and efficient operations.  Waste hauler drivers are expected to clear waste from multiple locations throughout the day, servicing various types of containers and compactors.  

Challenges with Self-Contained Compactors

Self-contained compactors are serviced with a roll-off truck, as this type of compactor is not ground-mounted but rather the entire unit is hauled away for disposal when full.  The self-contained compactor is driven by hydraulic power, with a hydraulic power unit and hoses delivering the force to compact large volumes of trash.  These hydraulic hoses must be disconnected prior to the driver taking off with the compactor loaded on his truck.

Even the best drivers make mistakes.  Driving off without first disconnecting the hydraulic quick couplers can be catastrophic.  Some waste haulers have reported dragging the large hydraulic power unit behind their truck as a large projectile, unaware of the life-threatening danger posing to pedestrians in the area.  Talk about a liability! 

Drive-Off Errors Cause Exposure to Hydraulic Fluid and Live Wires

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In addition to these safety risks, hydraulic fluid all over your customer’s dock is never a good thing.  Not only must waste haulers spend potentially thousands of dollars in clean-up efforts to satisfy requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they put their employees, their customers and the public at risk of exposure to dangerous hydraulic fluid. 

If exposure to hydraulic fluid isn’t dangerous enough, ripping out the electrical power supply potentially leaves live electrical wires at your customer’s site.   Exposure to live electricity is extremely dangerous and can also cause a power outage at your customer’s site.  

All of these dangerous situations and exposure to potentially life-threatening scenarios can be prevented with one innovative product – the C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System.  

Stucchi is a leading provider of hydraulic solutions to a wide range of industries, including waste service companies.  Our C-BASS dual swivel breakaway safety system prevents damage from driver error, dangerous situations and costly environmental clean-up.  Contact a Stucchi rep to outfit your compactors with C-BASS and protect your compactors today.