Why a Self-Contained Trash Compactor is Good for Business

Waste Hauling Trash Compactor

Self-contained trash compactors are some of the most popular types of waste compactors in industry and business use today for the many benefits they provide. Self-contained compactors help to maximize safety and cleanliness for businesses, provide cost-effective waste management, flexibility, and versatility for use across a broad range of industries.  

Self-contained compactors are different from stationary models because the container and the compactor are permanently attached as one unit. When it gets full, it is loaded onto a truck for transportation to a recycling center or a landfill.

Self-Contained Compactors Maximize Safety and Cleanliness

Self-contained compactors tightly contain trash including liquid waste for a battle for wet waste streams. Self-contained, sealed trash compactors feature a drainable sump that separates and contains liquid waste to reduce exposure to potential bacteria, an unsightly mess and foul odor. This cleaner disposal of wet waste helps to provide a more pleasant environment for businesses.

A self-contained compactor also eliminates any type of scavenging that occurs through waste bins, for a cleaner and safer environment.

Increased Durability With Low Repair Cost

Business owners enjoy a durable waste management solution with self-contained compactors which rarely break down or experience any downtime. One of the largest contributors to downtime of self-contained compactors is not a mechanical error at all, but rather a driver error that involves the hydraulic hoses. Self-contained compactors operate with hydraulic power which is powerful, efficient and safe when all protocols are followed.

CBASS Installed Pulling Hoses 3

When the waste hauler loads the compactor onto their truck, the hydraulic hoses must be disconnected from the hydraulic power unit prior to driving off. There are occurrences where drivers may simply forget to unhook the hydraulic hoses which can create a lot of problems with spilled hydraulic fluid on loading docks, damaged hydraulic power units or electrical panels.  There is a solution that can be incorporated to protect self-contained compactors which is a Compactor Break Away Safety System, C-BASS, developed by Stucchi, hydraulic specialists recognized worldwide.

Protecting your compactor with the C-BASS solution mitigates risk against damage to your compactor, your business and your reputation.  

Versatility Across Many Industries and Sectors

Self-contained trash compactors are the ideal waste management solution for many types of businesses across a broad range of industries and sectors. Whether disposing of dry or wet waste, self-contained systems are ideal for improved sanitation and pest control. Many businesses and facilities benefit from this workhorse of waste disposal such as:

  • Manufacturers and industrial operations
  • Retail stores and shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels 
  • Apartment complexes
  • Multifamily residences

All these types of businesses and properties benefit from clean, efficient, and sanitary trash disposal.  Self-contained compactors provide secure and efficient waste disposal to keep properties cleaner and safer in nearly any environment.

Whether you decide to lease or own your self-contained compactor, speak with your waste management provider, and contact Stucchi to protect your self-contained compactor against damage and downtime.

Stucchi is recognized nationally and internationally with over 60 years of experience in providing hydraulic solutions to many industries and applications. When our customer asked for a solution to protect their compactors against damage, a more common occurrence than many realize, we developed the C-BASS solution to protect any self-contained compactor.  Self-contained compactors are a good idea for many businesses, protect yours with the C-BASS solution.