Why a Self-Contained Compactor is Better than Open Dumpsters

If you are evaluating the waste management services for your business, you may be wondering if you should choose a dumpster or a trash compactor.  A dumpster is an open container where all types of trash are disposed of. A self-contained trash compactor is often worth the investment for businesses and provides many advantages over an open dumpster.

Some benefits that a self-contained compactor provides to businesses over using a dumpster for waste disposal include:

  1. A self-contained compactor saves money – dumpsters require more frequent waste hauler pickups. If you fill your dumpster frequently, you should consider using a self-contained trash compactor instead. A compactor does not fill up as quickly as a dumpster because it continually compacts your trash and can last a lot longer until it needs to be hauled away. Using a compactor instead of a dumpster can eliminate three or four waste hauler trips per month or more, depending on your volume. 
  1. A self-contained compactor provides sanitary disposal of wet waste – disposing of liquids in a dumpster can make a big mess which attracts bacteria, mold, and creates a foul odor.  Sealed, self-contained compactors allow for clean and sanitary disposal of wet waste for a cleaner and safer environment.
  1. Compactors save time – with the compactor, you can save time and labor without having to break down boxes and try to manually compact trash before disposing of it.
  1. Self-contained compactors prevent tampering – with all of your trash compacted, you eliminate the risk of someone going to your trash causing identity theft which could be possible picking trash out of a dumpster.
  1. Better pest control – you do not have to worry about scavenging rodents are animals getting into your trash in a sealed, self-contained waste compactor.

Protect Your Self-Contained Trash Compactor and Your Business Investment

CBASS Installed Closeup 1

If you choose to use a self-contained compactor for your business waste disposal, consider protecting your compactor against damage and downtime. Compactors are operated by hydraulic power with hoses stemming from a hydraulic power unit to the compacting unit. When a waste hauler takes your compactor away, the driver must disconnect these hydraulic hoses prior to driving off or serious damage and fluid spills will occur.

Now that you have decided to take this safe, sanitary, and efficient route to use a trash compactor for your business, consider protecting your investment by protecting your hydraulic quick couplers and hydraulic power unit (HPU).  A compactor breakaway safety system, C-BASS, allows for abrupt disconnection without any fluid spills or equipment damage.

Stucchi is a leading global provider of hydraulic solutions to a wide range of industries and sectors, customizing innovative hydraulic product solutions to meet the needs of our customers.  Our C-BASS solution to protect waste compactors mitigates risk, protects your business and your investment. Learn more about the advantages of self-contained trash compactors and Stucchi’s compactor breakaway safety system, C-BASS.