How to Improve Your Company’s Waste Management Sustainability

Improving the sustainability of business operations is more than a trend, it is the responsibility of companies to take care of and preserve natural resources to protect the planet. Companies should continually evaluate strategies to further improve their sustainability efforts. Implementing waste management strategies can provide benefits with improved sustainability and operational efficiencies. 

Methods to Improve Sustainability in Your Waste Management Process

Here are some strategies to implement to improve the sustainability in your waste management process:

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Recycle All Possible Materials

Talk with your waste management provider about recycling programs and make sure that you are recycling all materials possible. You might be surprised to learn how many materials can be recycled and still end up in your general trash bin. Evaluate internal company efforts and disposal options to make sure recycling bins are easily accessible to all employees to collect plastic, paper, and other recyclable material. Improving your recycling efforts is a great place to start to improve the sustainability in your waste management process.

Understand the Details of Your Waste Management Program

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Make sure you understand all of the details about the waste management program in your company. Understand the type and amount of waste generated from each department and how often it is collected. Do some departments generate wet waste while others generate simply dry waste like paper and corrugated? How is wet disposed of? How often does your waste management provider pickup waste? Is it compacted or not? 

Demand transparency to collect accurate data on this information to compare waste disposal options. If you are currently not using compaction, implementing a self-contained trash compactor can reduce the amount of trips required to pick up waste and also provide sanitary disposal of wet waste.

Make Sure Your Bins Are Collecting the Proper Type and Amount of Waste

Evaluate your waste containers to make sure they are full prior to pick up. If you are paying for waste management companies to pick up half full containers, you are wasting money. Make sure you are using the right size of bins, that they optimize waste management pickup times, and are collecting the proper type of waste.

Protect Self-Contained Compactors to Prevent Oil Spills

When using self-contained trash compactors, companies can protect their environment with sanitary wet waste disposal. Trash compaction can reduce the number of waste management pickups required, thus saving fuel and emissions to transport waste. Self-contained trash compactors provide many benefits to companies, although could pose a risk if hydraulic connections are not properly disconnected prior to drive off.

CBASS Installed Pulling Hoses 3

Waste management driver error is one of the biggest contributors to self-contained compactor damage and other costly problems. Drivers must disconnect the hydraulic hoses when picking up a self-contained compactor or serious consequences could result.  Watch this video to learn more about the potential risks of driver error and how to protect your self-contained compactor to prevent oil leakage, environmental contamination, and protect workers.

Preventing hydraulic fluid leaks was self-contained compactors improves a company’s sustainability efforts while protecting their equipment and business gets additional risks. Learn more about why it is important to protect your business with clean, sanitary, and responsible waste management and disposal. The C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System helps companies to meet sustainability goals, protects their investment, and provides many additional benefits.

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