Waste Management Tips for Shopping Malls

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Large shopping malls have a huge responsibility to handle waste safely and efficiently and to protect the many shoppers and workers at all retail establishments. Shopping centers and retailers have opportunities to implement strategic waste management practices, including recycling and waste reduction.

Shopping Mall Recycling and Waste Reduction Tips

This is the busiest time of year for shopping malls and retail stores. An effective recycling, waste reduction and waste management program should already be in place. These programs should be evaluated on a regular basis. For shopping centers looking to improve their waste management process, there are many options available.

Shopping malls are constantly busy with people of all ages either making a quick trip, shopping for specific items, or spending the entire day at the mall. All of this traffic creates a ton of waste on a regular basis and must be handled safely and properly to protect everyone visiting the mall and all mall employees. Shopping malls that implement effective recycling programs can reduce waste and save money in the process while contributing to sustainable environmental goals.

Shopping Mall Recycling Tips

Recycling at a commercial level requires a number of critical steps for success with management support, team effort, and assessment.

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Management support – maintenance or waste management supervisors must obtain support from management. Top-down involvement from corporate management is crucial as a successful recycling program requires funding and could possibly create new job roles and responsibilities. Management leading the way encourages all employees to follow suit. Corporate management is ultimately responsible for setting and funding recycling programs, although support from each individual store is also critical.

Team effort – all mall employees should be included in recycling plans and procedures. Janitorial and maintenance staff should be involved in all waste management programs.

Waste stream assessment – assessing the waste stream with a thorough audit will help mall management to fully understand the waste cycle, including the type and amount of trash.

Starting here will help shopping centers to implement a successful recycling program with the right types of collection containers and disposal schedule.

Shopping Mall Waste Management and Reduction Tips

Shopping malls and all retail stores have a responsibility to conduct waste management practices with environmental stewardship in mind. Most shopping malls have food courts, and many shoppers are walking around carrying drinks and other types of wet waste disposed of in trash bins all over the mall. The best way to dispose of this wet waste is with a self-contained trash compactor system. Most shopping malls will require more than one.

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Self-contained trash compactors are the ideal choice for wet waste as it prevents spills and environmental contamination and compacts trash nicely to maximize the efficiency of waste hauler pickups. Reducing waste with a recycling program and compacting waste reduces the burden on landfills and conserves natural resources. When using self-contained trash compactors, businesses must take care to maintain their compactor and prevent spills of hydraulic fluid.

The best way to protect your trash compactor is with a Compactor Break Away Safety System, such as C-BASS by Stucchi.

Stucchi’s Compactor Break-Away Safety System

Stucchi’s Compactor Break Away Safety System is helping businesses to protect their waste management equipment and meet their corporate responsibilities by protecting workers and the environment.  Stucchi’s C-BASS prevents damage to self-contained compactors when waste haulers drive off without properly disconnecting the hydraulic hoses, which happens a lot more often than business owners realize.

Stucchi’s C-BASS is proven to decrease expensive damage to equipment on-site, protect against hydraulic oil spills and environmental contamination, and prevent potential life-threatening injuries. The C-BASS contributes to corporate responsibility by improving safety and preventing environmental damage, benefiting all company stakeholders. Learn more about how Stucchi’s C-BASS improves waste management for retail and commercial businesses, including shopping malls.