Make Sure Your Business Trash Compactor is Ready for the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching and more people out shopping then during the last year of 2020, retail businesses are scrambling to keep their shelves stocked and workers scheduled. Whether operating a grocery store and providing all of the necessary items for upcoming fancy meals or a big box store watching gifts fly off the shelves, every retail business produces an abundance of garbage during the holiday season. Managing waste is an important part of every business all year long and is especially important during high traffic times like the holidays.

Managing all of this extra waste can be challenging enough, but if your compactor breaks down it puts your business in a compromised position to maintain a clean and tidy environment.

Protect Your Compactor during the Busy Holiday Rush

Whether your business owns your self-contained compactor or leases, this is a valuable piece of equipment that cannot be overlooked when it comes to maintenance schedules. Self-contained compactors operate with a hydraulic system and businesses rely on waste haulers to properly operate the hydraulics when disposing of compactor waste. This is a routine task for waste hauler drivers and most of the time goes off without a hitch. Mistakes do happen however, more often than businesses are aware, which puts your compactor at risk for hydraulic failure and put your company at risk for liability in more ways than one.

Waste Hauler Error Jeopardizes Your Business Operations

Most businesses pay little attention to the waste hauler that comes to dump your compactor until a driver error causes damage that jeopardizes your business and risks customer safety. What many businesses may not realize are the procedures that your waste hauler driver must complete in order to safely dump your compactor trash. Just like everyone else this time of year, drivers are only human and can get distracted with phone calls or the increasing to-do list running through their minds especially during the busy holiday rush. This can jeopardize what is normally an easy procedure of disconnecting the hydraulic hoses from your compactor prior to driving off.

CBASS Destruction 5

Disconnecting the hydraulic hoses from your trash compactor can be a simple task, although for getting this one vital step creates serious safety risks and damage to expensive equipment.

Here is what can happen when a driver forgets to disconnect the hydraulic hoses from a self-contained trash compactor and how this puts your business at risk:

  • Driving off with hoses attached leaks hydraulic fluid on your dock, in the parking lot, and causes an environmental contamination which requires costly cleanup
  • Hydraulic fluid spills are a safety risk when coming in contact with human skin exposure
  • Driving away with hoses attached can drag the entire hydraulic power unit behind a truck, creating a deadly projectile to anyone in the vicinity
  • Driver error can damage the electrical system and even cause a power outage that can shut down your business
  • Damage to an electric system can leave live electrical wires which is a serious safety risk to employees and customers
  • Causing damage to your hydraulic system may require costly equipment repairs on top of hydraulic fluid cleanup expenses
CBASS Installed Closeup 2

Any one of these scenarios can be a costly mistake for a business. As a leading provider of hydraulic solutions, Stucchi has seen this happen time and again and offers a solution to retail businesses and trash compactor businesses.

Compactor Break Away Safety System, C-BASS, Protects Your Business

Stucchi was approached by customers in the waste hauler industry looking for solution to prevent this common error. As part of our commitment to providing innovative hydraulic solutions, we developed the Compactor Break Away Safety System, C-BASS, that prevents hydraulic fluid spills or hose damage altogether. C-BASS provides a clean break and eliminates hydraulic fluid leakage and equipment damage, protecting your compactor and your business operations.

Stucchi has been providing innovative hydraulic solutions worldwide for more than 60 years. We excel in providing innovative, first to market products and solutions that improve safety and efficiency. Contact us to learn more about protecting your self-contained compactor with Stucchi’s C-BASS Compactor Break Away Safety System.